About Us

Once upon a time in the beloved city of Lahore, met a tech-pro and an anthropologist. It was not love at first sight but magic at first conversation - a conversation that lead them to the journey of happily ever after. She lives in the world of literature, music and art while he belongs to the land of comedy and video games. Just like the uniquely carved pieces of a jig-saw that fit perfectly together, they continue to complement each other with the antagonisms they bring into each other’s life.

However, our shared believe in the idea of love, limitless wanderlust for globetrotting, mutual nostalgia for eras bygone, passion to recover forlorn stories and restore ruins, and our common desire to collect antiques convinced us to create a brand that goes beyond time and territories. Hence, Lymaa Studio was conceived in 2020, on a trip to the historic city of Lima where we fell in love with the vintage architecture, heavenly flavors of Peruvian cuisine, funky street art, majestic beech sunsets, and absolutely adorable Lamas.

Since then, we have been constantly conceptualizing this store that not only celebrates the vibrant spirit of Pakistan’s rich heritage but also brings to you the essence of global cultures of the world we live in. Lymaa is not just a store, it is an imaginative space that breaths retromania instilled with contemporary style maize. Our Mascot Lama represents the warmth and love we wish to share in this space.

Everything we create or bring to you at Lymaa is an artifact that carries the magic to propagate the conversation that connected us two and has the potential to connect everyone who share with us our philosophy of love and living. Every product represents our three core values of share, care and respect with the one and only principle - ‘LOVE’.

Our craftsmen and customers are intuitive, creative, and loving. They believe in caring by sharing and they are always respectful to diversity and differences. For them, Lymaa is both a philosophy and a lifestyle that they love to share and celebrate.

The essence of it all is our seamless attention to thoughtfulness in design and quality in each of our lovingly crafted products - and we promise to successively ensure that! Check us out on lymaastudios.com.